Princess… princess Lunesta.
These are from forever ago I’m sorry XD

I’m allotted a dumb comic today.





Editing/Writing Commissions are OPEN! (Art trades, too!) ↘


So, this is something that I’ve been meaning to try for a while now, but honestly I’ve been a little self-conscious about my own qualifications and to be frank I’m not sure there’s a market for the sorts of services I could offer. However, I have some truly stupendous friends who have offered a…

I don’t usually signal boost, but I’m so getting one. My friend here has a true treasure trove mind and knowledge that reaches more deeply into history, culture and language more than any other person I know personally. This makes her an excellent consult for world building and difficult writing questions, and she handles words with more delicious wit than you can think up a cliche for.  I’ve had her write for me on several occasions for projects and it’s always clear the time and effort she spends agonizing over the prose to get it just right.

I mean, I don’t even know what I’m going to get yet, I just want someone to write me a story… but if its coming from this chic I’ll draw to that.

hey there, here’s a little question if you aren’t busy…

you know those three little comics - If you could only pick one to see more of, which one would you choose? On that note… teaser animation? Or the the full story in comic form?

Just as a matter of curiosity.

… I still had 3 other comic stories, but I can make better illustrations out of them

well I was trying to do lineart but that didn’t work.


Two hours later and sh3 doesn’t make me scream anymore after agreeing to give sexy spanish names to every monster. Numb bodies for example have been renamed to Las Piernas. The catch is to make catcalls when you see their legs show around the corner



kozzdraw had to reblog an old as balls doodle and so I had to revamp it to gain back my street cred.
Baby Myriot and baby Ferr snuggling because I can

roflmao your poor street cred!! I’m sorry!! XDdrawing children version of characters has to be the best thing ever


Today’s SFW sketches.

Two of these star a special character from Hetherev, komicks’ baby Myriot. Totally not-cannon sketch of young Myriot playing with young Ferra.

Then a dragon.

Then a lady in some fashion?

I draw various things when I go into pencil. 

guess who didn’t see this post until todaaaaaay

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