Anyone out there a writer, or part of a writing group, or know of any resources for connecting with other writers? I’ve been working on something big for the better half of the summer; I’ve reached out to several authors I know locally, although I don’t want to corner any one person as most of us are very busy with life stuff. I’d hope to divide up the peoples and expand my reach on to online…

You never know what sort of strange resources tumblr might bring.

oh stuff. I accidentally left my good tablet someplace and I hope it doesn’t get picked up by someone… soo….
the last two are doodles of dnd characters, my 70 year old something monk with a portion of his 30 some granddaughters, and then my cat loving, angry orc.

Ernest and Celestine doodle- oh man I’d been excited to see this film for a long time. If you like studio ghibli animation techniques, you’ll enjoy this film. It’s all done in Flash (amaazingly). I’m pretty sure that the movie was made just for me: an unlikely friendship between two cute animal characters with enormous size difference …. humor and feels and cute overload… I’m dizzy with delight.

yeah ok.
This is my approximate understanding of the entire fandom.


greekceltic for best classical wall art.

So I ended up with clip studio (it’s Manga studio under a different name) and gave it a spin on a comic. Gotta say, it’s less laggy for me than photoshop and does vector lines that I can go back and edit, not to mention it can take the shakiness out of my line strokes (which is what usually keeps me away from lineart). I haven’t touched the 3D models yet. It’s like an odd mix between illustrator, photoshop, flash and DAZ 3D. Neat stuff!

lost it at ep 320. had to make a printLast one!

this show is the most magnificent piece of shit I’ve ever seen.

Bookcover illustration commission for The Amity Incident

Princess… princess Lunesta.
These are from forever ago I’m sorry XD

I’m allotted a dumb comic today.

well I was trying to do lineart but that didn’t work.


Two hours later and sh3 doesn’t make me scream anymore after agreeing to give sexy spanish names to every monster. Numb bodies for example have been renamed to Las Piernas. The catch is to make catcalls when you see their legs show around the corner