I usually post these things to twitter or instagram but it’s not agreeing with me atm xD pencil doodling on the way to Minneapolis.
Belles a stinker and got me deep.

Chitin scraped across the chessboard of linoleum leaving behind a slimy trail of experimentation. The table creaked under the miserable monster’s weight and Nox could smell its deep, slow breath, and low hanging, petulant barnacles unfocused, close to his face. He stared into the concave holes where canine and insect fused impossibly inward and found himself not afraid, but sad. When his shackles fell from its teeth, he didn’t sit up. "You were inside Her once, Jaciam." he said "I saw your eyes peering back at me through Her skull. I didn’t even ask you what you might have seen inside." he paused thinking, everything had happened so quickly. If only he had had time to ask earlier…. "I have two ways of sight now, did you know that you’ve given your eyes to me? I have only known these blasted mechanical ones, these damned things that cut the world with thoughtless, surgical precision… like a certain perverse inventors dream." When he reached towards the light above him, he could see through the skin between his fingers."Maybe you can help me see again, or understand. I have so much anger for Her…" and he saw something ripple across the fried circuit board of his vision, infantile organic matter wrestling with tired, over-heated mechanics like grass through cracked brick.She was ghosting not quite center, imprinted, or just somehow simply existing above him in a fine comb web of ocular tissue. She drifted in and out of his focus elusive as an eye floater. He smiled at her, and his fingertips stretched to where hers might have been.

A birthday gift  to a friend and amazing writer who has tolerated me spilling out my terrible character prose with her without complaint for years.Not bad for a bus doodle?

after watching that latest steven universe episode I really really REALLY want to draw my characters fused with someone elses in a super version.


Keteus and Inventor Xam drawn for kozzdraw  

pencil, colored pencil and liquid leaf copper. (shiny!)

I always end up staring at this miss’s stroke work for minutes at a time- and I love imagining what her work looks like in person : )

3 hours - speedpaint commission for confectionaryfr which I quite enjoyed! :) I’ll see if I can make a process video later
I’m so DONE waiting for this utoob video to upload. I’m going home.

silly stuff, I needed a break from feelin sick.
something about my derpy gw2 character not being able to handle a juggernaut ability and gets stuck in a “hulk form” XD

FR commission for confectionaryFR ;3

Some might recognize these two from scribblings, they are the parents of my multi limbed spider-naga character; Myriot. I always wanted to draw more interactions with them. They were enemy species with very conflicting ways of living in almost every sense - and spoke different languages when they first met. Their first interactions were less than stellar.

Hello! I am trying to stream some work every Friday around 9PM EST time, if you’d like to drop on by. Tonight I’ll be working on a bigger piece, and I may be doing some mer-critters later ;)
Hmmm… Yes… acceptable.
A lovely reference commission for piece of lolirot :) Commissions are open!
Another WIP … it has a lot of work to go and I don’t feel like I’m really getting anywhere with it. Critiques are welcome!
ORCS! ORCS! ORCS! (nsfr cuz ramadan) 

(omg Rio what a thing to come back to! XD)