kozzdraw had to reblog an old as balls doodle and so I had to revamp it to gain back my street cred.
Baby Myriot and baby Ferr snuggling because I can

roflmao your poor street cred!! I’m sorry!! XDdrawing children version of characters has to be the best thing ever


Today’s SFW sketches.

Two of these star a special character from Hetherev, komicks’ baby Myriot. Totally not-cannon sketch of young Myriot playing with young Ferra.

Then a dragon.

Then a lady in some fashion?

I draw various things when I go into pencil. 

guess who didn’t see this post until todaaaaaay

(Source: vriosart)

here’s a speedy… yeah I just saw it. BY MYSELF. I think Gaby sums it up my feelings pretty accurately :)

Blank faces when I know I shouldn’t draw certain characters together but still can’t help myself. so I try to convey what’s in my head through body language. I like to think I’m pretty crafty no? Looks like innocent figure study to me.

And all the other stuff you missed on Instagram because why not I suppose.

just a color study- 15 minutes each

you have never seen dismay until you’ve seen an affronted shitzu

my dum ocs lol

speedpaint video : )

Last one! Sorry to spam your dash tonight. By contrast, this ones is not a song, but a soundscape. Dustin is a good voice over guy (he’s voiced another character for me before in another animation I did earlier) so If you need a dude for vocals, he’s yo man.